Cloudy with a Chance of Mess Hall

As a mammoth stampede causes turmoil throughout the camp, the heroes use the distraction to attempt to strike another critical blow.

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Danny Krog

Hi!first time posting
I was just wondering the reason why Lorc’s Kat B doesn’t use the ranger favored enemy and terrain as per normal animal companion rules for rangers?

Thanks for a great show!
And remember to download Wayfinder from For the price of free! A fantastic fan-zine which I have been so fortunate to help illustrate once in a while!

Leif Arne Bastesen

Kay shouldn’t have been AoO’d. The ogre cook hadnt acted in combat yet, so she was flatfott3d, and thus cannot perform an AoO

Leif Arne Bastesen

… kat*


Was anybody hopeing beyond hopeing that they would hear “FOR HIGHBERRY” and just see sir will charging into the giants leading the knights of highberry and the knights of osim