Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

As the party continues searching for answers, they quickly finds themselves caught up in the vast criminal underworld controlling the area below Absalom Station.

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Bill Drummond

Love this podcast so far. Ellie a great addition to the group, Skid’s RP is bar none, but why do I keep hearing Umlo? Lol Is he running around with Heartspit in space?! Come on Matthew! Lol


I just want to give some serious props to Skid. It’s obvious he has actually studied and understood the patois languages he’s basing Dr. Thriss’ pseudo-Belter dialect on (and which is quickly becoming a thing all its own). I heard “ah sake ah” for “because” — a classic Caribbean patois-ism — turn up in this episode and my not-so-inner language nerd was in glory. Hats off.


Such a fun episode! Looking forward to seeing how this group’s strategy develops. Mac sure does love her maraschino cherries.