It’s Been Kreel

Laser blasts fill the air as the disembarking passengers are caught in the crossfire of an attack on Docking Bay 94!

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For like half the episode i thought trpy was saying matr instead of mac i was like jesus man you know he wants to be called mathew lol

Geoff S

amazing play-by-play, but a rules “point of order” Somewhere around minute 40 you work out burn damage from a critical hit. The critted person was allowed a save before taking burn damage. The rules state “at the start of your turn you take xxx damage” and then at the end of their turn they get a save vs. burning as described in video. Really enjoying your series, thank you for doing this.

Miguel Camacho

Will there be a new tumblr to show off some of the goods and arts like the original GCP podcast?


I have listened to other podcasts takes on this combat and I have to say your is the most descriptive and “living” I have heard. Keep up the great work. Are you planning on posing a picture of the map that Troy drew? I would love to see it!

Kyle Henderson

What is a pile of steam Troy? lol LOVING the new show guys! great work!


Great episode.

Relative new to GCP, being a Starfinder player brought me to you. You should promote this on the Starfinder RPG Discord server. They have a podcast channel which would bring you a fair passel of new viewers, I think.