J’son Rise, J’son Set

As the heroes mourn a devastating loss, revenge opens the door to a bloodbath. Meanwhile, a chance encounter with a cryptic stranger brings disturbing news from the front, and an old friend returns just in the nick of time!

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This is a Great show! I did want to mention one thing to anyone else who happens upon this. It turns out, “Taking an arrow to the knee” was used in the old days as a euphemism for getting married. Sort of like the “ball and chain” reference now. So it makes a little more sense in Skyrim.

Paul Baker

I started listening a couple of weeks ago and am addicted. You guys really got me in this one. I was open-mouthed at the end of last session, and now feel very emotional. And the 2gp got me too. Thanks a million! Am recommending this left, right and centre!

Paul Baker

FYI, I have been binging and am up to episode 147! What a ride! Just extraordinary story telling.