Cannon Fodder

A monthly behind the scenes look at The Glass Cannon Network and all the happenings in #GCPNation!

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Cannon Fodder 29

This week Troy and Joe recap the relaxed and whimsical session the crew had this week during Episode 83. They also talk about times in which GMs can target NPCs within a party instead of the PCs, when and when not to allow players free checks if they don’t ask for them and the difference between punishing a character’s foolish and reckless behavior versus rewarding their heroic badassery.


Cannon Fodder 28

This week Troy and Joe break down the tactical mastery the gang displayed in the encounter from Episode 82 and discuss their opinions on whether or not GMs should allow a rotating player in long-term campaigns, how to make player death meaningful, when you should and should not roll in front of the screen and how to reward your players without overpowering them.


Cannon Fodder 27

This week Troy and Joe talk about the role-playing and encounter of Episode 81 as well as what they love about stumbling upon settlements during long running adventures. And thanks to some listener mail, Joe finally makes good on his threat to create an interesting fighter character that hopefully Troy won’t think is lame.


Cannon Fodder 26

This week, Troy and Joe break down the events of Episode 80 including a frank discussion of the most fearsome eight-legged cat in Golarion and answer some listener mail about when GMs should use the fine art of “retconning” and what to do when faced with an imminent TPK.


Cannon Fodder 25

In their 25th installment of Cannon Fodder, Troy and Joe break down the Ewigga fight from Episode 79 and answer two similar listener mail questions regarding how much players should discuss with their group before bringing in a new character and how much information about their character’s backstory they should share with their GM before starting a new campaign.


Cannon Fodder 24

This week, Troy and Joe are joined by future audiobook voiceover star Skid Maher! As well as discussing the events of Episode 78 and Skid’s INSANE intro, they also talk about about finding the balance between downtime and keeping the action moving during game sessions and how much information GMs should give players during Knowledge checks. Troy also finally lifts the veil on the story behind the Arachnid dwarf cocoons the party found.


Cannon Fodder 23

This week, Troy and Joe discuss the ups and downs of the Lokmorr combat and how Troy improvised certain elements on the fly. They also talk about emergent storytelling from dice, love stories in Pathfinder and come up with some devious and terrible things you as a GM can do to your players.