Cannon Fodder

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Cannon Fodder 85

Troy, Joe, Skid and Grant gather for the final installment of weekly #fodjuice. The roundtable covers a ton of topics as the guys tackle common small-party weaknesses, rethinking the Cleric class, fleeing a combat encounter, and agonizing over spell selection. In Listener Mail, they all throw out some of their favorite pieces of Golarion lore.


Cannon Fodder 84

This week, the whole gang’s back to discuss Troy’s State of the Nation Address, spontaneous NPC creation, the future of Cannon Fodder and Skid’s upcoming Ruins of Azlant podcast. In Listener Mail, they talk about whether or not it’s too much work to run a published Adventure Path.


Cannon Fodder 83

In the wake of the roleplaying events of Episode 137, the whole GCP crew gets together to discuss their thoughts on changing character backstories, surprising your players, setting goals for your character and tentacle porn.


Cannon Fodder 82

The whole gang is here this week to discuss Lorc’s uncanny transformation. From alternate races to role playing advice for a new body, they’ll hash out how to handle reincarnation. In Listener Mail, they talk about how GMs can keep a prewritten adventure on track when clever players want to do anything but.


Cannon Fodder 81

Joe fights through the pain and Troy laughs in his face as the guys look back at Lorc’s vision quest. They discuss the upside of less GM prep and more player control in the narrative, why a pre-written adventure is ripe for original “homebrew” content in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting, and when/if a TPK should ever mean the permanent end to your Adventure Path.


Cannon Fodder 80

Joe and Troy have their first official Paizo interview as they invite Paizo’s Marketing Manager Dan Tharp to the show with some breaking news for #GCPNation! The guys also find time to talk about GMs monitoring PC gear purchases, when its a good time to close a storyline and whether or not you should play RPGs with your family or significant other.


Cannon Fodder 79

This week, Troy and Joe talk about day one in the new studio space and recap the role-playing heavy Episode 133. In Listener Mail, they discuss if it’s up to the GM or the players themselves to police oversights in character creation or during the actual game.