Cannon Fodder

A monthly behind the scenes look at The Glass Cannon Network and all the happenings in #GCPNation!

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Cannon Fodder 64

Troy and Joe get back on track after their Gen Con detour last week with recaps of Episodes 117 and 118 including discussions of Total Defense from the player and GM perspectives, the importance of molding your adventure around player choices and how to stick to your guns when the whole room turns against you. In a special double shot of Listener Mail, they answer questions about adventuring with an entire party of the same class and how best to bring a risky plot choice to the table as a player.


Cannon Fodder 63

Troy and Joe take a break from the normal #fodjuice format to bring you the sounds of Gen Con 50! The guys meet up to debrief the weekend in Indianapolis and pepper in audio from their time at the Con – including their special announcement at the GCP Live! show and interviews with Ben Loomes of Syrinscape and Erik Mona of Paizo, Inc.!


Cannon Fodder 62

This week, Troy and Joe celebrate the start of Gen Con 2017, debate the pros and cons of crunchy underwater mechanics, and announce a new classic GCP convoluted contest! In Listener Mail, they talk about playing the good guy around a table of scoundrels.


Cannon Fodder 61

Troy and Joe discuss ideas for what GMs can do the session after the untimely death of a character, what to do when the party faces an arguably impossible obstacle and the “bleep” heard round the world. Joe asks Troy the tough questions about going way off-book in Giantslayer should the need arise, and, in Listener Mail, they brainstorm ways to set the mood in horror adventures.


Cannon Fodder 60

This week on #thefod, Joe threatens to quit and Troy laughs in his face. The two reminisce about that magnificent bear while discussing rolling with the dice and, in a very apropos listener mail, the line between good and evil.


Cannon Fodder 59

Troy and Joe get into some serious Pathfinder mechanics debates as they break down Flyby Attack, meta-gaming with DR and knowledge checks during combat. In Listener Mail, they consider the possibilities of re-playing an Adventure Path with a new character. Plus, Troy hypes up an advanced Pathfinder class that neither of them had really looked into before.


Cannon Fodder 58

This week, Troy and Joe talk about when to hold your action and when not to, Intimidate vs. Diplomacy checks and everyone’s new favorite NPC – Fungfar! In Listener Mail, they discuss adapting characters’ backstories to fit the campaign and due to popular demand, they also bring back Second Chance Theater™ to try out “the real” Pathfinder chase mechanics!