The Glass Cannon

In the spirit of old-school tabletop role-playing games, a collection of five super-nerds engage in an officially licensed Actual Play podcast of Paizo’s Giantslayer Adventure Path!

Heavy is the Head That Wears the Crayon

A rash decision leaves the party surrounded on two fronts with nowhere to hide!


Shrine On You Crazy Diamond

The party hatches a plan to strike a moral blow to the camp. Will they continue to move clandestinely throughout the frost giant village or will their streak of victories come to a dangerous end?!


Ready, Willing and Stable

Having dealt another blow to the infrastructure of the camp, the party must take a step back to determine where they are at and how best to proceed.


Brewer Discretion Advised

Skirgaard’s premiere craft brewery may be closed, but that won’t stop the PCs from trying to take a self-guided tour!


Spy Another Day

The party watches as the entire army of Skirgaard gathers around to watch a presence exiting from a door built directly into the mountain!


The Battle of Silo

A hasty decision forces the party to improvise on the fly!

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Sex, Bugs and Stalking Trolls

The gang enacts a plan to cause discord among the camps, while Fairaza tries an unconventional method of gathering more intel.