Tent of a Woman 2: Payback’s a Witch

After a ferocious near-deadly battle, the mysterious, self-proclaimed Oculus rises and all hell breaks loose mere steps away from the Cathedral!

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Mark W

I know this is a bit late, but I’m very puzzled by Troy’s decision to move Della’s alignment instead of Sir Will’s. Who was acting their alignment — given the alignment definitions from Paizo — and who wasn’t? (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/ultimateCampaign/campaignSystems/alignment.html) Lawful Good “Core Concepts: Duty, fairness, honor, property, responsibility, right, truth, virtue, worthiness A lawful good character believes in honor. A code or faith that she has unshakable belief in likely guides her. She would rather die than betray that faith, and the most extreme followers of this alignment are willing (sometimes even happy) to become martyrs. A lawful good character… Read more »


I agree- it was an odd assessment. Granted, it was grisly, but Della has repeatedly used her abilities to protect and help others, using violence only against monsters/giants/etc, and shown a willingness to sacrifice herself for others. If anything, she has just been leaning edgy chaotic good. The fact she used an ability to capture abilities from a slain foe isn’t much different from the typical looting you see in this game. You can have a good necromancer/warlock/etc.- it’s basically just costumes and effects. Character motivation and acts should be determinative of alignment, especially in light of the fact that… Read more »