We Are Stupid – Episode 10

Some people know all of the rules to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, but many, many more do not. Here’s a list of the things we screwed up in our never-ending search for Pathfinder perfection…

When Daktani hit Barron with a tangleburn bag the group experienced something that all Pathfinder groups experience almost every session. A frantic look over the rules and an argument of interpretation. Not argument in the angry sense, just argument in the sense of trying to flesh out what the words as written mean versus what they may intend to mean. Troy did a fantastic job of explaining what happens when the tangleburn bag hits, but he did miss a few key details.

First of all, a tangleburn bag is merely a fired up version of the tanglefoot bag and a tanglefoot bag might lead one to believe that it tangles the feet, say in wire or string. That’s not in fact correct. What it actually is is a bag filled with an incredibly sticky glue. Upon a successful hit, the glue explodes out of the bag attempting to glue the target’s feet to the floor. Troy was correct that a tangleburn bag allows the target or victim to get a DC 20 reflex save to avoid catching on fire. What he missed is that the first thing the victim gets is a DC 15 reflex save to see if he becomes glued to the floor. Even if he is glued to the floor, he does not fall prone which is something Troy had Barron do immediately.

Now, it is true that Barron failed all of his saves, caught on fire, was hit multiple times, and went below zero. We’re not so sure any of that would’ve changed, but at least the poor dwarf should have been able to move around. When he was finally revived by Gormlaith, and the fire was put out, he still had to spend a move action to stand up. That wasn’t fair at all!

Speaking of getting revived by Gormlaith – when Matthew asked if Gormlaith could move to Barron, draw a potion, and administer it to him while he was unconscious and dying in an in an attempt to revive him, Troy responded yes. Troy is stupid. In fact, if a character wants to administer a potion carefully to an unconscious character, he or she must spend a full-round action just administering the potion! That means you cannot move to your ally and administer the potion all in one turn. This is probably written in order to create more tense situations where you have to spend a whole round just getting to your ally and then another round administering the potion. All the while, their points of life are ticking away. Once again, it seems that a Glass Cannon character narrowly escaped death thanks to our incompetence.

Finally, a question came up about Gelabrous’s spell True Strike. Skid seemed to imply that upon casting the spell on Gelabrous, he would be able to get a +20 bonus to his next attack no matter when that attack occurred. In fact, by the rule of the spell, that attack must happen before the end of the next round, meaning you only get that insight bonus for approximately 6 seconds! It had no effect on this episode, since Gelabrous did immediately attack on his next possible chance, but we’ll try to keep it in mind for future reference!  (No we won’t.)

Rules lawyer out!

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