We Are Stupid – Episode 11

Some people know all of the rules to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, but many, many more do not. Here’s a list of the things we screwed up in our never-ending search for Pathfinder perfection…

Episode 11 is the first in a few weeks to ease off the combat throttle and let the characters do a little roleplaying with the vibrant NPCs of Trunau. In such an episode, one would expect no errors in terms of the rules. After all, you’re just moving from dialogue to dialogue and not doing much rolling at all. However, since we at the Glass Cannon are so consistent in our rule-breaking, we found a way to make it happen even in a combat-free episode, and even with a rule we already knew!

In the early moments of Episode 7, Gormlaith found a couple scrolls hidden in a cabinet on the first floor of the Plague House. One of those scrolls was a scroll of Knock. At the time the scroll was found, Matthew asked how scrolls work, and Joe responded, “It’s complicated.” Which is true, and he also added during his explanation that for Gormlaith to use the scroll, it “must be something a witch could ever cast,” meaning that the spell would need to appear in the witch’s spell list. The spell list in this case is all the spells, of every level, that are ever available to a witch. Gormlaith, only at level 2, only knows a small fraction of these spells. However, if the scroll contains a spell that any witch has ever been able to cast, she can at least attempt to cast it. Joe said this in Episode 7, and yet, a mere 4 weeks later, here we are.

Gormlaith used her scroll of Knock (a second level spell) to open the lock-box that the party first encountered in Episode 6. Joe sat there reading the rules directly from the book to tell Matthew how to roll to cast a higher level spell that you can cast. However, he had forgotten the most basic rule of all – he never checked if a witch is even able to ever cast Knock. Spoiler alert…they never can!  Knock can only be cast by a wizard, sorcerer, or inquisitor, which means that Gormlaith should never have been able to cast the spell, and the party should not have so easily acquired the items within, including those sweet crossbow bolts!

Now, could the party have made Othdan carry the lock-box all the way back to Trunau as punishment for being a JERK, and then hired a wizard or locksmith to open it for a small fee? Sure, maybe. But what are the two lessons we learned this week?

1) You can break rules that you absolutely knew only one month before. Sometimes we feel like there’s only so much space in one’s brain for Pathfinder rules. Every time you learn a new one, it squeezes an old one out.


2) Stop trying to be clever and just have a rogue in the party.

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