We Are Stupid – Episode 18

Some people know all of the rules to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, but many, many more do not. Here’s a list of the things we screwed up in our never-ending search for Pathfinder perfection…

Now, that’s Cover AND Concealment

This week’s rule breaking is heinous and unacceptable, but at the same time wasn’t actually that bad. The rule that we just butchered to shreds in Episode 18 is Cover.

So, we should have known what we were doing with cover. We went over it briefly in Episode 8, The Rat Stuff, when we were facing down the dire rats on the upper level of the Plague House. I had recently read the rules before that episode, and yet, a mere 10 weeks later, I totally dropped the ball again.

To put it simply, we confused Cover as working, mechanically, the same way as Concealment, which it does not. Concealment represents something like a thick fog that surrounds you and makes it a little harder to see your target. We covered this in a previous episode as well. For partial concealment, after making a successful attack roll, you roll a d100 and the result must be higher than 20, or you still miss, even after the initial success on the d20 roll. It’s made to represent the inherent frustration of fighting in fog, dim light, or with some status effect that blurs your vision.  That’s what we did in this episode. Stupid.

Cover, however, just represents something being between you and the target. A wall, a tree, and burnt out minivan. You get the idea. This is nothing like fighting in a snowstorm, but we sure must have thought it was. In fact, cover simply gives an AC bonus of +4 to the creature that has cover. That’s big! We had a few hits on those orcs that were based on to-hit rolls of around 15 or 16, and they would hit the target, but if those ACs suddenly were 19 or 20, then those attacks miss straight up, forget getting a d100 roll.

Now, I’m no math expert, but I don’t think this is THAT bad. Consider that a +4 bonus to the AC would most likely mean that you’d miss hitting them roughly 26 percent more of the time (assuming they have an average AC of about 15). That means that while cover would have made it harder for everyone to hit, it likely would have only made it about six percent harder than the concealment method that we used, and considering that we crushed those bitches in under 20 attack rolls, we may have gotten away with roughly one hit that should have been a miss. Oh, and all of our ACs would have been up by four as well. So there you go. No big deal.

But we’re still really, really stupid.


P.S.  In the interest of full disclosure, these episodes were recorded in advance as we were about to lose our witch Gormlaith (Matthew) to a marriage and honeymoon, so this mistake will permeate through another week or two. What a bunch of morons. Sorry.

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