We Are Stupid – Episode 58

Some people know all of the rules to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, but many, many more do not. Here’s a list of the things we screwed up in our never-ending search for Pathfinder perfection…

This one is quick.

Skid, performing as Gelabrous, priest of Desna, and Grant, embodying the role of Golarion’s ‘Man With No Name with a Name’ (Barron), managed to sneak one past the goalie with a Heal check that healed 1d6 hit points. Troy, apparently absorbed in thought while he tried to come up with yet another clever cliffhanger didn’t hear this strange exchange where Grant says “can I use a Heal check to heal hit points?” Skid, confidently replies, “Yeah, you can, uhhhh…” And Grant goes, “d6?” and Skid goes, “Yeah.” Grant rolls, “One point! Welcome back to life.”

This is exactly the kind of nitpicking nonsense that you’re able to catch when you record yourself playing. This conversation happened barely on mic and lasted no more than 11 seconds. I heard the recording and thought, “What in the hell was that?” and listened back. I’ve never heard that rule or anything close to that rule. I mean, you can use the Heal skill to stabilize a dying character or stop bleeding. You can also use it to provide long-term care, allowing a character to recover two hit points per level over an eight hour period (instead of the normal one hit point per level). But using the Heal skill to HEAL? That’s absurd.

I could put up an argument for a house rule that allows you to heal with the Heal skill, but for now, let’s just admit what happened: Skid and Grant snuck one by the GM – a tradition that began with the very first RPG game and never got old. So, perhaps, we’re not so stupid.

Until next time!


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You can heal HPs with the Heal skill in Pathfinder. It is called a “Treat Deadly Wounds” action with DC 20 Heal skill check. Takes an hour to do and uses two uses from a Healers Kit, -2 to skill check for every missing use from healers kit. If successful, you heal HPs = to the character’s level. If you succeed on the roll by 5 or more you add your Wis modifier to the amount healed. Must be used within 24 hours of being injured and can’t be done to a creature more than once per day.


No need for a house rule Joe! You can use the Heal skill to regain hit points; it’s called Treat Deadly Wounds. It does take an hour of attention to the patient though, and a Heal check that beats DC 20. Then the patient regains hit points. Theoretically possible in the middle of orc-infested woods, but probably not advisable when there are giants and orcs stomping round looking for their comrades.

Doug Sundseth
Doug Sundseth

Note that a 6th level Magus casting Mirror Image will have not fewer than 3 images plus the magus (on a roll of 1 on the d4). Mirror Image does not cause a miss chance, it causes any hit to randomly hit either the magus or an image, so it starts at not a 50% chance to hit the actual target but not better than a 25% chance.