We Are Stupid – Episode 67

Some people know all of the rules to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, but many, many more do not. Here’s a list of the things we screwed up in our never-ending search for Pathfinder perfection…

The fact that we’re 67 episodes into this crazy adventure does not mean we don’t continually find new and spectacular ways to be stupid. For the first time in the history of the show, I’m doing a We Are Stupid to address a grievous error made in our INTRO to Episode 67. And, of course, when I say “our,” I mean “my” intro. It will need what the professionals might call a “retraction.”

I was so excited to name the finalists for the Ultimate Intrigue Giveaway Contest that I managed to make a ridiculous clerical error and named Tony Martinez as the creator of Shiro, the half-elf oracle of this new badass party. If I wasn’t stupid, I would have told you that Leith Vance was the creator of Shiro. Tony Martinez submitted a fantastic female barbarian named Anne that works at a flower shop and is consistently struggling to reconcile her kind and courteous nature with her hate-filled barbarian rage that creeps up in the evening hours. I personally loved that character, but she just missed the final five. Thank you Tony for the submission, and my sincere apologies to Leith for leaving your name out of the mix this week. You will be placed into the drawing next week for Ultimate Intrigue though Leith, so fear not.

I know this one wasn’t about the Pathfinder rules, but it was about life’s rules, and life’s rules mandate that when a person creates something brilliant, they get credit for it: just like the creator of Monopoly.

I’ll go stick my head in a hole now.


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